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Safer Places is a full service screening, testing, and consulting organization whose mission is to provide you with the specific tests that best fit your needs for background screening, drug testing, and security consulting.
We help your client understand the differences between the various types of screening procedures and public record searches.  They are not all the same.  Different sources may give you different outcomes.  Safer Places specializes in working with you to guide you through this complicated process.  We let you know what products you should consider, what to avoid, and how to devise a program and policies that meet your particular needs and legal restrictions. 
We work with businesses, non-profits, apartment complexes and landlords throughout the United States. Safer Places was founded on the belief that security is key to the well-being of every individual and business. That’s why, from Maine to California and every state in between, our clients trust us to help keep their business, non-profit or apartment complex safe. 


David Sawyer Photo 1.jpg

David C. Sawyer
President / Founder

Brian Sawyer Photo 2.jpg

Brian Sawyer
Vice President


Samantha Rodrigues
Director of Operations

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