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People are an indispensable resource for both businesses (as employees) and landlords (as tenants). Often the financial success of a business or property owner depends on the quality of these individuals. That's why Maine businesses and property owners from Bangor to Portland take time to find a quality employee and tenant background screening company to promote long lasting profitable relationships and thwart potential issues before they occur. At Safer Places Inc., we offer a diverse range of employee and tenant background screening products for Maine businesses and landlords. Our products include; county, statewide, as well as federal criminal history searches, social security trace, drug testing, motor vehicle records, sex offender registries, credit reports, global watch lists/sanctions, education/employment verification, want/warrants, and more. Our team of professionals at Safer Places Inc. are experienced in serving the Maine market and are accustomed to various business needs specific to Maine.

Business owners in Maine can attest that their success is often defined by the employees who work for them. Conversely, an inadequate hire can cause public embarrassment, financial failure, and potential legal issues. That’s why it is so important for Maine business owners to have a screening program in place to ensure quality human resources. As a business owner, you have too much to lose to let a risky employee slip through the cracks. In doing so you also protect yourself. If an incident does occur, it may be perceived by public opinion or a court that it was your responsibility to have screened the person in the first place. Of course, there is not a 'one size fits all solution' for all Maine businesses. Businesses that handle cash, like a fish market in Ogunquit, may wish to do a credit check on potential employees. A computer firm in Bangor may want to screen for global watch lists and sanctions because of their proximity to the national border. At Safer Places Inc., we’re available to provide suggestions and solutions for your Maine business’ screening needs. Contact us today see how you can start protecting yourself and your business through our services.

For Maine landlords, renting out homes, condo's, and apartments is a business – but it comes with a different set of risks than a traditional retail store. Instead of finding quality employees you will need to find quality tenants. Tenants have a huge influence on the overall profitability of your investment properties.  Checking credit scores is suggested to ensure your tenants are accustomed to paying on time. Of course, you want to verify employment and search for criminal records to ensure the person is honest and has sufficient income. Other queries like eviction records and sex offender registries, can be useful tools to paint an overall picture of the potential tenant as well. A quality tenant will pay on time and respect your property. A problem tenant can damage your home, refuse to pay, and drag you through the legal system. At Safer Places Inc., we offer Maine tenant background screening options on a county, statewide, and federal level. This way you will know if your potential tenant in Aroostook county has any criminal records in Penobscot county – or New York City, for that matter.  Save yourself time, money, and energy by putting the right person in your rental with quality Maine tenant screening from Safer Places Inc.

Safer Places offers more than just Maine employment and tenant background screening. Photo ID service is available to Maine businesses who wish to promote safety and accountability at the workplace, all while creating a professional presentation of the staff. Customers will appreciate the ease of identifying employees and other authorized personal. Security Consulting is also available to help your business create an effective and economic integration of security system design, RFP/ project management, policy/ procedure development, guard contract management, and risk assessment. Protect your Maine business or your investment property today and contact the professionals at Safer Places Inc. 

Employee and Tenant Background Screening for Maine Businesses and Landlords

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