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Get the latest in HR trends, news, compliance recommendations, new products, and more in the Safer Places blog.  Search for topics related to employment screening, drug testing, tenant screening, or a specific topic that's relevant to your company today.  Blog articles are posted frequently so be sure to check back often!


Client education is an important part of the service we provide at Safer Places, Inc.  The best way to conduct a background check may not be the same from state to state.  Safer Places can help you navigate the myriad of different types of background screening and drug testing options available so you can focus on other important tasks of running your business.  We want you to completely understand what you're getting when you place an order with us!
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Safer Places is a full service screening, testing, and consulting organization whose mission is to provide you with the specific tests that best fit your needs for background screening, drug testing, and security consulting.
We help your client understand the differences between the various types of screening procedures and public record searches.  They are not all the same.  Different sources may give you different outcomes.  Safer Places specializes in working with you to guide you through this complicated process.  We let you know what products you should consider, what to avoid, and how to devise a program and policies that meet your particular needs and legal restrictions. 


Employment laws and regulations change frequently.  How do you keep up with all the changes to ensure compliance?  If you don't have an employment attorney on staff, who do you turn to with even the most basic employment and HR questions?  Now, you can post your inquire to HRintel.  Attorney Helene Horn Figman, who focuses exclusively on Employment Law and HR Consulting, will provide a response through this free service for our clients.  
Disclaimer:   Content provided through HRintel is for general purposes only and is not offered as legal advice on any specific matter. A response to a question on HRintel is not intended to create and does not create an attorney-client relationship. While we welcome your inquiries, should you choose to communicate with us by e-mail, please do not send any sensitive or confidential information. 


Get the latest in HR trends, news, compliance recommendations, new products, and more delivered right to your inbox!  Each month Safer Places publishes an email newsletter with company information as well as articles designed to help your business run smoothly and stay in legal compliance.  The newsletter is free so sign up today! 


Another free service for our clients, HRcomply Database is a state by state guideline through the complexities of each state's version of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  Many states have more stringent requirements than the federal FCRA and HRcomply provides you with specific guidance for whatever state you may be hiring in. 


What happens when the background check report comes back and the results are less than perfect?  Now comes the hard part.  You have to decide if that criminal conviction is reason not to hire.  CrimApollo is a criminal record/EEOC Assessment Tool that provides practical guidance to help keep you in compliance and to document your process when considering criminal record information in the hiring process.  Contact our sales department for a demo of CrimApollo to see how it can help you.
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