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Remote Workers: It's Not Just About Productivity

APRIL 25, 2024

12:30 PM EDT

In 2020, remote work went from a perk enjoyed by a few, to a necessity for many companies. With the pandemic in the rearview, many employees want to retain the ability to work from home, but some companies are pushing for a return to the traditional office environment. Others have settled on a new trend: hybrid work. 

Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, there is much more to consider than how productive your employees will be while working remotely.

The HR3 team will address:

  • Policies you should consider adopting when you have remote/hybrid workers.

  • Are background checks needed for remote workers? If so, what should they look like?

  • Benefits are a major factor in attracting and retaining employees. Do remote workers have the same needs when it comes to benefits?

Join the HR3 team for a fast-paced, informative video podcast.  Register below to save your seat!

Office Building
Helene Horn Figman.jpg
Helene Horn Figman
Employment Law Compliance, Human Resources Management Support, and Workplace Awareness Training is the domain of the Law Offices of Helene Horn Figman.  Helene provides employers with effective sound advice and best practices for hiring and retaining valued employees as well as conducting anti-harassment and other training programs.
Ken Platter.jpg
Ken Platter
Employees want benefits and Ken Platter of AFLAC has been educating and providing safety-nets such as Short-Term Disability, Life Insurance, and a bunch more for 18 years. Ken knows first-hand that coverage for out-of-pocket costs relating to injury or illness are a primary concern to the average worker. He has solutions!
David Sawyer.jpg
David Sawyer
FCRA compliant, customized screening packages are an essential part of the hiring process.  David Sawyer has been educating employers on why not all background checks are created equally for over 20 years.  An effective screening program customized to your specific needs and risks may save you money, exposure to liability, and protect your reputation.
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