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Update on Court Closures

We continue to closely monitor the situation with court closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Courts in Massachusetts have re-opened but on a very limited basis. Significant delays are expected to continue. Most of our clients use the CORI system for MA statewide searches so this has not been a problem for them. In PA and RI , we have electronic access to court records but the clerk counters are closed and files cannot be ordered (required when electronic records don’t show sufficient identifiers). In NJ, courts remain closed so our preferred search method for county and statewide searches are unavailable. We have found an alternative search method but it includes only felonies and has other limitations. If you need a NJ search, we will fully explain your options before proceeding.  

Criminal record searches remain a very fluid situation across the country. Currently, we’re seeing more courts re-opening than are closing and we have only a handful of searches that cannot be completed at this time. We have discussed what limited options we have with the clients involved. If you have questions about any background check or are facing any challenges due to the virus, or any other reason, we are here and ready to help you solve whatever challenges arise. Email us at or call 508-947-0600. 

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