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Super Bowl Security

As you think about your plans to watch this year’s Super Bowl, we thought you might enjoy a glimpse into what goes into securing such a massive event. Click Here to view a video produced by the FBI that will show you a much different aspect of preparing for the big game on Sunday. While the Patriots and Eagles have spent the last 2 weeks getting ready, the FBI has spent almost 2 years preparing to make sure they are ready to keep thousands of fans safe on game day.

The security consultants at Safer Places will be busy watching the game on Sunday but if you have a security project we can help with, please give us a call Monday morning. The FBI and all the other agencies involved will do a great job of keeping everyone safe in Minneapolis but if you’d like assistance with securing your facility, contact the experts at Safer Places. Click here for more info at our consulting web site or call us at 508-947-0600.


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