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Social Media Searches: We Know You're Doing Them, But Should You?

Everyone we talk to says yes, they are doing some form of internet search before making a final hiring decision. Some need a bit more cajoling than others before they'll admit to the practice of Googling, checking Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  but national statistics agree, the majority of employers are doing it. But, is this a good idea? If your practice of searching the internet to learn about the character of your job applicant were to come out in court during a lawsuit alleging discrimination, how will you convince judge or jury that the posts or photos that gave an indication about: age, religious affiliation, military status, sexual orientation, etc. had nothing to do with your hiring decision?  Because you can't un-see that Facebook post announcing, "Just found out I'm pregnant!" there is a growing consensus that Social Media searches are probably not a good idea for you to do in-house.

However, if you still want to check to see if your candidate posts photos that can and probably should affect your hiring decision, trust the professionals at Safer Places to scour the internet for information showing illegal activity, sexually explicit materials, racial intolerance or violent behavior while NOT showing anything you wouldn't base a hiring decision on such as race, national origin or disabilities.   Contact us today to learn more about this new service or Click Here to review some frequently asked questions.

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