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Social Media Searches

Could a Social Media Search help to round out a background check and provide a more complete picture of your applicant? It’s definitely not a substitute for a criminal record search or a driving record report but many employers are discovering this type of search can fill in some gaps, especially at a time when some court searches are being delayed due to closures. A professionally run search covers much more than Facebook and Twitter and is designed to highlight potential workplace safety issues. Clients set filters to uncover content that may pertain to: violence, unlawful activity, substance abuse, demonstrations of intolerance, and sexually explicit material. And our reports never show content pertaining to the age, race, sexual preferences, etc. of your applicant – all things you don’t want to see prior to a hiring decision being made. 

If you’re unsure if a Social Media search makes a good addition to your screening package but would like to find out more, give us a call (508-947-0600) or send us an email. We’re offering $10.00 off the normal price for the next 3 months if you add the search by the end of April. 

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