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Secure eMail Reminder

The background check process requires that we have access to personal identifying information (PII) such as date of birth, social security numbers and driver’s license numbers. We take the security of this information seriously and ask that you also be aware of best practices when it comes to protecting the PII of the subjects you submit to us for screening. The best way to get required forms to us that may include PII is to upload them when you first place an order from the client portal. If your ATS software is integrated with our software, you should be able to upload forms directly through the ATS. We can also send a secure link to your applicant via our HReasy Applicant Management Center, eliminating the need for you to handle PII at all, at this stage.

If we ask you to verify a Social Security number or DOB via email or you need to send us a form after you’ve already placed the screening order, please be sure to use a secure method when you reply. Everyone at Safer Places has a link to our secure email system in the signature line of their email. Click on it to easily send us a secure email that can include attachments. Believe it or not, even an old-fashioned fax (yes, we still have that available) is safer than an unsecured email. Send us sensitive info by secure means – only. In Mass. this is a legal requirement. Everywhere, it’s a good idea. Call me with any questions.

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