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Negative Dilute Drug Test Results

As we approach warmer weather, we tend to see more drug test results coming back with a “Negative-Dilute” result. What does that mean? When a urine specimen reaches the lab for testing and it has a concentration of water higher than normal human urine, it can make it more difficult to detect the presence of an illicit drug. The cause could be a donor that normally drinks a lot of fluids, or it could be someone purposefully drinking a lot prior to the test in order to try and beat it. Many employers allow one re-test when this happens but whether done purposely or not, it’s a hassle for the donor to re-take the test and an expense to the employer. It may also delay the hiring decision. To avoid this:

  • Schedule the test first thing in the morning when possible

  • Avoid drinking any fluids prior to the test, especially caffeinated beverages

  • If a morning test isn’t possible, limit fluid intake for 6 hours prior to the test and never drink more than 8 oz. of any fluids within two hours of the test

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