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Courts Reopening

Here’s some good news; well, sort of. Many courts that were closed due to COVID-19 are starting to reopen. However, many have implemented new safety measures so court research is still being impacted, at least somewhat in these jurisdictions. Time at Public Access Terminals (PAT’s) may be limited if other researchers are waiting, some are by appointment only, others limit the number of searches that are permitted per visit. PAT’s in close proximity may require every other terminal to be closed or removed to accommodate social distancing. Backlogs of research that couldn’t be done in April and May are still causing delays in some areas. The good news is that we are pretty much back to normal with only a few exceptions when it comes to criminal record research. But, never fails; the one time you need it yesterday is when we’ll run into a delay so please plan ahead as much as possible and we’ll continue to do everything we can to keep our turnaround times as short as possible.

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